Resume & Portfolio

What I use for Android app building

Hard skills:

  • Kotlin — one love, Java — legacy =)
  • Clean Architecture + MVVM, MVP, MVC 
  • Koin2(also one love), Dagger2, Kodein for DI
  • Retrofit2
  • Coroutines(also one love), RxJava2
  • Realm, SQLite
  • Android Architecture Components(LiveData, ViewModel, Room, Navigation)

Other skills:

  • Zeplin, Figma
  • Python(+Flask)
  • Git, Gitlab, BitBucket
  • Jira
  • MacOS, Linux, Windows

Career path(click on toggles):

Senior Android Developer.

  • Developed & Published Viled’s fashion store application. Viled App is here
  • Developed Medical module of V-Life application for Grand era Ltd until November 2020. The App is here

Android Developer.

  • Developing  application. Description of the app is here

Middle Android Developer.

  • Developing  application. Description of the app is here

Recommendation Letter

Main Android Developer.

  • Maintaining EDEN application by previuos developer 
  • Developed(From 0 to publishing) ESurvey application
  • Developing(From 0 to publishing) ENurse application. Description of the apps is here



Recommendation Letter

Android developer(Android team member) in DARVis messenger project

Android developer of Digital bank Altyn-i application

  • Maintaining application by previous developers
  • Developing courier’s application
  • Embedded TUMAR SDK into mobile app(certificates, ЭЦП)
  • Developed soft (on python) that allows to control Android devices from cmd line

Software engineer

  • Developed product in IT-security
  • Developed product in Education
  • Developed product in HR

Software engineer

  • Worked with Team Lead to design, develop and maintain core system modules.
  • Played a crucial role in project planning by providing time estimates for completion of work.
  • Investigated and resolved issues relating to application functionality.
  • Accepted responsibility for training junior developers, which involved compiling a suite of training materials.